Rumour says that the creative driving force behind The Simian Reflux Sketch Studio is a single male entity made equal parts Scottish, Korean, and handsome. Also, that he was raised somewhere in the Scottish wilderness by a family of badgers.

Anecdotal evidence further suggests that, having always aspired to be an astronaut, he instead pursued an undergraduate degree in pharmacology; a five year undertaking which furnished him with a distaste for pharmacologists everywhere and the largely useless ability to sketch in the margins of notepaper.

Finally, there is speculation that he spent time living among the terminally boring, so that he might learn their ways and hone his artistic non-skill into a finely polished thing of beauty. The Simian Reflux Sketch Studio is, perhaps, the end result of that process.

This is, of course, all complete speculation, rumour, and second-hand guesswork – yet by some happy coincidence happens to be perfectly correct on every count. Especially the bit about the handsome…

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